We are a technology company focus on product development and manufacture


We are a technology company focus on product development and manufacture.

Product Design

Four things differentiate a good ESP sensor with an average one: a) high pressure high temperature (HPHT) electrical connector; b) the isolation between high voltage and low voltage electronics; c) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to stands the harmonics from Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and d) robust structure to protect the electronics when while optimize the cooling. Of course the fundamental is extremely reliable quality parts: transducer, capacitor, inductor and IC.

Surface Pump Sensor

Our Surface Pump Sensor (SPS) ingrates multiple measurement in the same device: temperature, pressure and vibration. It can deployed for single device condition monitoring or two points to track the performance (intake and discharge). The SPS can protect any surface pump from cavitation, over pressure, over heat and high vibrations. Surveillance programing, automation or monitoring over internet is on the arm reach.

ESP sensor

Real time monitoring and protection of your ESP system from complicated well conditions: pumping off, plugged intake, surface valve block, tubing leak, viscos fluid, overheated pump, circulation or plugging, poor cooling, overload, sand production, gas lock, down thrust, failing insulation, unbalanced motor… you name it.




Company Introduction

Shenzhen Sinofirmament Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of intelligent instruments for oil and gas development. The company is located in Shenzhen, which is the most attractive open city in China. Depending on the professional background of the petroleum industry, combined with the rapid development of electronics, process-control and other related industries, the company's strength in oil and gas production monitoring and transportation measurement has been developed. A Group of designers, researchers and managers of the petroleum and electronics industry are united as a professional R&D team with the aim of innovation and service.
With the increasing proportion of artificial lift in oil and gas development, the importance of real-time dynamic monitoring of oil and gas well development process becomes more prominent. A single well testing system for ESP production wells is developed in order to achieve this goal. Potential failure risk can be detected, ESP operation stability and run life can be improved and extended, ESP management level can be improved by collecting the operation parameters of ESP through multi-sensors, real-time monitoring the operation performance of ESP.
Based on the diversity of artificial lifting production schemes for oil and gas wells, test systems and supporting schemes suitable for different artificial lifting schemes will be innovated and developed. Through our monitoring system and data analysis, the oil development plan can be optimized, the production of single well and reservoir can be improved, the run life of equipment can be extended, then the production costs will be reduced for customers ultimately.
Adhering to the development policy of "people-oriented, technological innovation, quality first, striving for famous brand", and "the most reliable products, the best service", we will provide high-quality and efficient real-time dynamic monitoring system for oil and gas development.


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